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Malaysia Virtual Airlines was Founded in February 2005 and officially launch on August 2005 . One of Asia's newest and exciting virtual airlines.

Our operations are based primarily in Kuala Lumpur and we are spread over Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Using our wide ranging fleet Boeing, Airbus, DeHavilland, Fokker, Embraer and Bombardier aircraft, with these we provide a realistic platform of operations but at the same time keeping the enjoyment factor of flying there which is crucial in any virtual airline experience.

It's not just about flying

grow with us

The Knowledge

The information. One of the main reasons why we chose iCrew was, because of the rich information it provides to simulate realism.

The Options

Monotony is not in our dictionary. With our ever expanding fleet and codeshare flights, the world is your HOME!

The community

The most important of all, We offer one of the most thriving communities with like minded enthusiasts who welcome you to learn and grow


Timeline of MVA

With from the founder's desk

Dear Aviator,

I created this VA for one thing and that is for fun. I want all who are members and who join us to have fun. We do have rules but we are not as strict as some VA's in regards to realism. Our staff are there to help you in any way they can. We are one of the longest running Malaysia VA in Malaysia. With that history behind us we are here to stay. We have the best software available, iCrew V4, smartCARS and forum by Invision Community. We have partners with Japan Airlines Virtual, and with Malaysia vACC. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions from our loyal members. See you in the Virtual Skies

- Daniel Counahan

Founder & Cheif Executive Officer